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from Call Me André
in The Last Address
by Leslie Starobin

"André Peulevey" was the nom-de-guerre of this decorated French Resistance leader, who was captured and sent to a concentration camp, with his real identity as a German-born Jew (Joseph Scheinmann) never discovered by his captors. His camp uniform was bequeathed to his Parisian-born son, Michel, whose father's liberation on April 26, 1945, was described in a memoir André dictated years later: "'The Americans are here!' ... André ran to the gate and threw his arms around the first GI; this one took off 'his' helmet and beautiful long hair fell onto 'his' shoulders. The first 'man' in was a woman photojournalist, Lee Miller. The surprise passed. I hugged her again." The pencil portrait was apparently drawn by a fellow prisoner on September 1, 1944.

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